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Mobile Auto Starter/Auto Switch(Single Phase with contractor)

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Features of AKMOS Mobile Auto Switch:

You can turn on motor by mobile or by sending message. Also you can check status of motor is it ON or OFF.

 When motor runs empty without water then motor will be turned off automatically and you will be get alerted via call or SMS.

Dryrun Mode:*
(1) When dryrun occurs then after settled time motor will be started automatically.
(2) After dryrun, if supply goes for some time and then arrives, motor will be started automatically.
(3) After dryrun motor will not start automatically until you do not give turn ON command.

⏰ *Timer Mode:*
(1) We can keep motor turned ON for specific time. 
e.g. 1 min, 2 min, .... 24 Hrs.
(2) We can keep motor turned ON according to clock time.
e.g. 02:00AM - 03:00AM
        This is repeating timer. Do not required to set daily.
(3) Cyclic timer can be settled from 1 min to 24 Hrs with both ON and OFF time.
e.g. motor ON for 10 min and OFF for 1 Hr, again 10 min ON and 1 Hr OFF this cycle repeats continuously.
(4) After supply resumption in how many time motor should be turned ON, this time can be varied from 1 min to 2:30 Hr.
(5) All timers can be turned off.

⚡ *Voltage Setting:*
You can set at how many voltage motor should start.

⛓ *Connection Fault:*
If there is connection fault like broken cable, overloaded relay or wrong wiring then you will get alert at time of turning ON of motor.

📞 *Alerts:*
"AKMOS Mobile Auto Switch" really talks to you.
If anyone starts motor by hand using starter button then you will get alert.
You can set that after supply resumption motor should started automatically or without turning on just give alert.

After fuse insertion, supply resumption, motor turning ON or OFF you will get alert via call/SMS.

After turning ON motor you will get alert that how many current is drawing motor.
You will get notification of last time how many time motor was run.

All alerts will be sent to last dialer number from maximum 9 registered user's number's.
You can choose alert type Call or SMS.

You can turn ON or OFF all alerts individually.

☎ *Truecaller:*
Motor should be started from only registered numbers or from any number it's your choice.

💵 *Balance:*
In mobile auto's SIM card how many talktime is remaining this can be checked from your mobile.If there is zero balance in mobile auto's SIM card then also auto works normally.

🔐 *Security:*
If your AKMOS Mobile Auto is stolen then don't worry, In this device tracker and cell location feature is available. So you can check device's location by sending command or if anyone changes SIM card of device then you will get alert from that new number. By using this number and location you can easily find out thieve.
After theft if you informs to AKMOS then that stolen device will be blocked and it will be useless for thieve.

🔋 *Battery Backup*
For communicating with device in absence of electricity there is option to attach battery.

📝 *Guarantee:*
 For any difficulty in product in 1 year, you will get new device in replace of old one and after 1 year same device will be repaired and you will have to pay repairing charges.