Zatka Machine - What Is It, Uses and Benefits!

Zatka Machine - What Is It, Uses and Benefits!

The Zatka Machine in India is a needful tool used in farming as the farmlands in our country are often within the reach of wild inhabitants such as elephants, monkeys, and buffaloes. This is also known as the Jhatka machine. Now from this name, you may understand what it is used for. Yes, as the term “jhatka” refers to “electric shock”, the machine is also used to produce electrical shocks. 

One of the most helpful items in the farming, manufacturing, forestry, and plantation sectors are electronic fence systems. They make for reliable fences, perfect for enclosing private yards or protecting farmland. This fence system is created by the Zatka machine.

In agriculture, the needs are versatile, and manual labor is not always able to meet the needs. Therefore, machines are used. Gone are those days when farmers couldn't help worrying about the crops at night as uninvited creatures often used to enter the farm and destroy crops. Now, with the Zatka machine, one can rest assured that their crops are safe from creatures of the night.

So what is Zatka Machine then? Let’s know in detail.

What Is Electrical Fencing or Solar Fencing?

Nowadays, everyone is concerned with the security of their homes, farms, colonies, industries, and other valuables. Among the many viable solutions for ensuring safety, the solar fence stands out as a cutting-edge and nontraditional strategy that is both effective and efficient. 

Solar fence not only keeps one's property secure, but it also makes use of clean, renewable solar energy. When people or animals come into touch with a solar fence, they receive a jolt similar to that of an electric fence. The shock has a deterring effect without endangering lives.

Now if solar energy is used to solve this purpose, the system will be called solar fencing. Or simply many people use a battery where no solar energy is involved. In that case, it would be a mere electrical fencing system. Functionally both are the same; only the medium is different.

Zatka Machine And Fencing

Be it a solar fence or a battery-powered fence, the Zatka machine is used everywhere to build this protection system. To ensure continuous operation even on overcast days and during the night, power fence systems use energy with a backup facility. 

The design has a clearly defined high-voltage electric fence that performs effectively under all conditions. As a dependable detection system, it generates a physical barrier and a high voltage with an energy output of 2.5 Joules, both of which serve as effective deterrents. We are able to easily alter the area's dimensions or form to meet our needs.

Types of Zatka or Jhatka Machine

The Zatka machine is mainly divided based on the power supply methods. Hence, simply it can be divided into a handful of types such as: 

  1. Zatka machine which uses solar power to operate the system.
  2. Zatka machine which uses a battery to operate the tasks.
  3. Zatka machine which draws power directly from a main line.

So, such are the distinctions, though the third type generally is more powerful than the rest two.

Elements of The Zatka Machine

There are 5 primary parts that together make up a Jhatka machine. The electricity is processed between these things and then used.

  • A flyback converter to convert the volts.
  • A capacitor to store energy.
  • An electrical switch to regulate the timing of power discharges
  • A microcontroller to regulate and schedule the energy delivery.
  • An iron core transformer to increase the voltage.

Finally after going through all these parts the high voltage, typically between 6kV and 12kV, is sent to the fence.

Some Quick Zatka Machine Benefits

Now, of course, it is needless to say that solar fencing keeps animals away from the farmland, and consequently, crops do not get damaged and the farming process remains undisrupted. While this is the biggest advantage of an electrical fencing system, there are also other benefits that come with it when you buy Zatka machine. Below are the advantages:

  • Humans and animals alike are protected from harm when exposed to electric shock. It's likely that any animal or human that touches the barrier will learn to avoid doing so in the future. The animal will not be caught by the current as would happen with a constant current.

  • Electric fences are more convenient since they require less labor and materials to install. Because animals normally only touch an electric fence once, there is less wear and tear on the fence and less need for repairs. Quality materials provide fewer repairs and a longer lifespan for your fence.

  • If an electric fence is constructed properly, it can survive for up to 40 years. It is durable since it is not subjected to any stresses that might lead to breakdown over time. Moreover, it may be dismantled, reassembled, rearranged, or relocated without wasting much time or resources.


Lastly, if you are planning to implement this system, you can buy Zatka Machine online, or you can also get a hold of it from a local store. As you have already noticed that this is not something dangerous as the shock that it releases is not life-threatening at all. However, safety guidelines should be followed. It is not rocket science technology, but rather something very basic. More and more farmers are using this system in India nowadays to keep away intruders.

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