Vermi Bed - A Complete Guide

Vermi Bed - A Complete Guide

Whether someone wants to make compost with worms in their kitchen sink or on a two-acre worm farm, they should read this Fact Sheet. Earthworm farming (vermiculture) and vermicomposting (vermicomposting) both have their own unique lingo. This Fact Sheet clarifies a few of those terms. Additionally, it demonstrates how vermicomposting differs from conventional or microbiological composting. Although some may argue that vermicomposting is more difficult than conventional composting, most will agree that the difficulties are worth it in the end because the compost produced is of a higher quality. Growing worms to sell as bait is not the same thing as vermicomposting. Small and living in colonies, composting worms are worms.

What is a Vermi Bed? 

Vermi Beds are made to transform your kitchen garbage and other organic waste into vermicompost, a highly productive organic compost. Vermicomposting is the name for this procedure. This trash is consumed by earthworms as food, and as it decomposes, it turns into organic compost. This process is sometimes called worm composting. The composting technology of the future is represented by vermi beds. For organic farmers looking for higher-quality crop yields, vermi beds are a wise alternative.

The fact that Vermi Beds are simple to install is their biggest feature. Multiple numbers can be installed in a short period of time. No longer required are pricey concrete beds. Vermi Beds can be quickly moved to a different position by simply sliding the bed away from the installation post.

Vermi Compost Bed from Agri Rich is 12 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet and has a GSM of 350.

Features of Agri Rich Vermi Compost Bed:

  • Turn Your Kitchen Waste To Garden Gold - Turn Kitchen And Garden Trash Into Nutrient-Rich, Fruitful Compost. You'll Receive Vermicompost That Is Prepared For Usage In 

  • Sturdy, Durable Construction - This Agririch Vermi Compost Bed Is Made Of Weather-Resistant High Density Polyethlene (Hdpe) With Uv Stabilization For A Long Service Life.

  • Outstanding Aeration -  Provided With Side Air Vents, Which Improve Airflow And Add A Lot Of Oxygen To The Compost, You Can Quickly Generate Healthy Finished Compost.

How Does It Work?

  1. Concrete or plastic storage tanks can be used to prepare compost. The availability of raw materials determines the tank's size.

  1. The biomass should be gathered and exposed to the sun for 8 to 12 days. Utilizing the cutter, now cut it to the desired size.

  1. Prepare a slurry of cow dung, and then scatter it over the heap for quick decomposition.

  1. At the bottom of the tank, add a layer of soil or sand (2 to 3 inches thick).

  1. Prepare fine bedding by incorporating dried leaves, cow dung that has partially decomposed, and other biodegradable wastes gathered from fields and kitchens. Spread them out evenly over the sand layer.

6.Up until a depth of 0.5-1.0 feet, keep layering the tank with both the chopped biowaste and the partially decomposed cow dung.

7.After incorporating all the biowaste, scatter the various earthworm species over the compost mixture and cover it with dry straw or gunny bags.

8.To keep the compost's moisture content stable, regularly mist it with water.

9.To keep out pests like ants, lizards, mice, and snakes while shielding the compost from rain and direct sunlight, cover the tank with a thatch roof.

  1. To prevent the compost from overheating, check it frequently. Keep the right temperature and humidity.

Benefits of Vermi Bed: Vermi Beds have many advantages, but the following are the three most significant ones: (1) it acts as biofertilizers, restores soil nutrients, stabilized soil, and enhances soil fertility over time; (2) it addresses social issues and recycles waste; and (3) it has been demonstrated to be a successful business as a circular economy.


  1. Soil biological properties - The earthworms, functioning as eco-biological engineers, modify the features of pesticide-contaminated soil and reclaim it by adding nutrients and microbial enrichments. Vermiculture has a significant impact on nutrient cycling and raises crop pathogen and fungal disease resistance. Long-term usage of vermicompost improves soil fertility while significantly reducing the need and reliance on dangerous pesticides. Vermicompost has a higher nutritional profile generally than regular compost, despite the fact that it may have a different nutritional value based on the organic waste that is employed.

  1. Social and environmental protection - Due to the lack of access to wholesome food, around 820 million people worldwide suffer from malnutrition today. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers, millions of additional individuals in developing nations experience acute poisoning, with many of them dying as a result. As a result, it is crucial to stop using too many artificial fertilizers in the food production process. Vermicomposting helps with waste recycling as well as other environmental advantages. Urban areas currently generate about 1.3 billion tonnes of waste annually, and by 2025, it is expected to increase to 2.200 billion tonnes annually as a result of rising human population and consumerism. Since earthworms consume (vermi-meal) industrial, urban, domestic, agricultural, animal, paper and solid waste, as well as wastewater, the manufacture of vermicompost allots and repurposes the majority of these wastes.

  1. Profitability - Vermicompost can be equally beneficial for the producer and the customer, while also fostering social responsibility. It has been demonstrated that this compost has a better benefit-cost ratio, better net profits, and a tenable financial sustainability. Additionally, it can improve plant growth and farming productivity and technological efficiency. Vermiculture also lessens and eventually eliminates the need for artificial fertilizers, which are becoming increasingly expensive in Turkey. Chemical fertilizers are now more expensive everywhere due to rising worldwide demand.

Buy Vermi Bed Online from Agri Route:

The harvested vermicompost can be immediately added to your garden, potting soil, or pots to enrich the soil, or it can be dried until it regains 40% of its original moisture before being stored for later use. It can be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dark room or in an open space. It can be kept moist by being sprinkled with water. The vermicompost's nutrient content and helpful bacteria will diminish as a result of drying out or exposure to sunshine. Depending on how you store it, you can keep vermicompost for anywhere between six months and a year.

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