Customer Testimonials

Gaurav Choudhary

A/p - Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. I came to know about Agri Route and after reviewing the products I ordered AKMOS Mobile Pump Starter, the product reached my doorstep which is a remote village in only 3-4 days. Product packaging was excellent and I am very happy & satisfied with it.

Rohit Pawar

A/p - Murum (Someshwar), Tal- Baramati, Dist – Baramati, I purchased a Hand Push Manual Drum Seeder through the Agri Route Mobile App and it got delivered to my home in only 3 days, the product was packed properly. The Agri route team imparted product training about its uses and installation and they were in constant touch with me till product delivery & installation. It was an awesome experience and I am very happy with the professional approach of the team and looking forward to buying more products from Agri Route.

Kiran Pansare

A/p - Katewadi, Baramati, Pune.
I had purchased a Samson Double Motor Battery Pump from Agri-Route App and I got the best quality pump with all accessories. Product was delivered to me on time with proper packing. I would like to recommend Agri Route to my fellow farmers.

E.B. Mule

Mantha road, Jalna.
I purchased Vermi Composting bed from Agri-Route App, I received the high-quality product nicely packed and it got delivered to me in 2 days only. I am very happy and highly satisfied with the Agri Route and planning to buy more products.

Jagannath Banshi Mule

A/p Shindhi Kalegaon, Jalna.
I ordered Manual Drum Seeder through Agri Route’s mobile app and received the product in 3 days only, Agri Route’s sales team was in regular follow-up with me regarding delivery of the product to my door steps, the also helped me in installation and trial run of the product.

Mr.Anant Mohanrao Kate

Mr. Vitthal Kharade