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  • Useful and effective for organic and modem agriculture
  • Light source-3 watt UV LED Light
  • Battery, Li-ion (Rechargeable)
  • Pest control
  • Stem borer, armyworm, trip's, snake worm, root fly, whitefly and many more 
  • Crops- All crops
  • Product description -
    ➔ First time in India with yellow & blue combination ultra violet light solar insect trap is a device for pest control.

    ➔ The device gets charged in the day time using sunlight and automatically switches on at dawn and dusk to trap harmful insects.

    ✅ Features -
    ➔ 3-watt solar panel
    ➔ 2000 mh lithium-ion battery
    ➔ 4 hr working, automatic switch-on after sunset
    ➔ Tray for pest collection
    ➔ UV LED lights
    ➔ Lure handle for attaching lure of specific pest

    ✅ Specifications -
    ➔ Net weight: 450 gm including tray,
    ➔ Colour: Yellow
    ➔ Material: Mixed materials
    ➔ Accessories: Charging pin
    ➔ 6 months battery

    ✅ Benefits -
    ➔ For controlling All types of sucking pests and flying moths in every crop at various stages.
    ➔ A Lure handle is also available so a specific pest lure is also available to attach.

    ✅ Target pests - White fly, Jassids, Aphids, Thrips, Tuta absoluta, Brinjal Shoot and fruit borer, Fall armyworm, Helicoverpa armigera, Pink bollworm, Paddy yellow stem borer, and other flying Insects.

    ✅ Recommended crops - All types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

    ✅ Dose -
    1-2 Traps/acre.</en>