Drum Seeder Machine - Everything You Need To Know

Drum Seeder Machine - Everything You Need To Know


There is relatively little mechanization in small and marginal land holdings, as well as in hilly locations, where draught animals and human labor continue to be the main sources of power for agricultural production. Human energy is primarily required in agriculture for all processes, from seedbed preparation to threshing and transportation, due to the increase in maintenance costs and a concurrent decline in the population of draught animals. Simple, appropriate, and efficient machines or implements should be provided to increase agricultural production in the aforementioned regions in order to increase the effectiveness of human labor.

Drum Seeder Machine - A Complete Guide

  1. What is Drum Seeder Machine?

It is a farming tool used to sow pre-germinated paddy seeds right into a wetland field. It is a tool that must be pushed by hand that enables the farmer to plant seeds at once. It can function without using any mechanical power.

  1. What is the use of a drum seeder?

  • Weather Vulnerability: Drought - Water shortages are becoming more of a problem for farmers growing transplanted rice in irrigated and rainfed areas due to deficient rainfall, a dropping groundwater table from insufficient recharge, late and limited irrigation water release from canals, or poor inflows into tanks. The work involved in raising seedlings in nurseries and preparing the ground for the main field and nursery also requires a lot of water. Lack of water at the time of transplanting causes delays and the usage of seedlings that have reached the end of their tillering potential.Lack of water at the time of transplanting causes delays and the usage of seedlings that have reached the end of their tillering potential. In NICRA villages in Saran, Aurangabad, Jehanabad (Bihar), Koderma (Jharkhand), and Gondia (Maharashtra) as well as in Khammam (Telangana), West Godavari, and Srikakulam throughout both kharif and rabi seasons, farmers deal with these issues (Andhra Pradesh). Low production is the outcome of Kerala farmers' habit of spreading paddy seed during the "Puncha" crop (November to March) in Muttar village, which is located in the Kuttanad region of Allapuzha. Rice drum seeding is a practical solution for farmers in places with a lack of water because it saves both labor and water.

  • Water management - No water remains in the soil after sowing. Up until panicle initiation, the field is kept moist; from that point on, there is 2-3 cm of standing water until 10 days before harvest.

  • Weed management - Weed control is required; depending on the state of the field, it may be applied once or twice during the cropping period up to 40 days following seeding.

  1. How to Use Drum Seeder?

Pre-germinated paddy seeds are directly sown in drums made of fiber material using the drum seeding technique, which distributes the seeds uniformly in rows 20 cm apart on puddled and leveled fields. The paddy seed is soaked in water overnight and allowed to sprout at a rate of 35 to 40 kg per hectare. It's important to avoid delaying planting since seeds with long shoot growth aren't good candidates for drum seeding. Prior to sowing, the sprouted seed is temporarily air-dried in shade (about 30 minutes) to facilitate dispensing via the drum seeder's holes. The excess water in a soggy field is removed, keeping the soil's top moist. In order to distribute seeds equally, drums are moved over the field while being 3/4 full of sprouting seeds. Between 4 and 8 drums may be used, and between 8 and 16 lines may be sowed in one pass. For two to three days following seeding, irrigation water shouldn't be used to allow for roots and soil anchoring. However, the freshly sowed seeds are probably going to be washed away by strong rain just after sowing. The water level in the field can raise as the seedlings mature for improved weed control. Up until the panicle initiation stage, intermittent irrigation is used. Herbicide is administered as soon as possible after seeding, and if necessary, a second application is made 30-35 days later, in areas with a serious weed issue. The method is appropriate for contingency planning because it allows for flexibility in sowing dates in fields prepared using irrigation water or right away after receiving monsoon rains with a crop variety of adequate duration to fit into the remaining season.

Benefits of a Drum Seeder - 

  1. The direct seeding approach eliminates the need for raising nurseries, removing seedlings, and transplanting them, resulting in minimal labor demand for crop establishment.
  2. Farmers don't need to wait to raise a nursery; they can start growing paddy immediately and at any time.
  3. Fields with a significant weed infestation can be planted with paddy using the direct seeding method, although this necessitates the use of weedicides.
  4. The crop's lifespan can be lowered by 7 to 10 days in comparison to conventional methods.

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