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Single Drum Manual Seeder (टोकण यंत्र)

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Brand : Agri Route 
  • This hand operated portable seeder machine can be highly used in large and small agriculture fields sowing seeds. It can also be used in the garden for planting vegetable and flower seeds.
  • The machine can complete their sowing at one operation and maintain equal distance between seeds, which helps the seed to germinate faster and healthily.
  • The antique manual seeder is very light weight and easy to operate .
  • It can mainly be used for planting Maize, ground nuts, bean, peanut, cotton, sunflower seed, etc.
  • Seeder capacity approx 4 kg
  • Available in yellow colour
  • Number of mouth - 12 mouth.
  •  Adjustable mouth 
  •  Plant Spacing – 6 inches to 33 inches.
  •  Sowing Depth – 5.5 cm
  •  Seed box capacity- 4 KG
  •  Number of seed rollers – 10 (for Cotton, Soyabean, Ground nut, Maize, Beans,  Gram, Jawar, Pea, Red Gram, Green Gram etc.)
  • Soil Covering mechanism - Yes

Test report available for government subsidy.