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Calf weaner(Nosal Ring for cow)

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High Quality Plastic: It is made of high quality plastic material, strong and durable, can be used for a long time, and easy to clean.

Effective Weaning: Wear this product on the calf's nose, when the calf wants to feed, the nasal sting will sting the cow, and the cow will not let the calf eat milk.

Avoid Injury: All parts are designed with a rounded smooth design to avoid damaging the cow's mouth, which can effectively protect them.

Avoid Infection: Effectively reduce the sucking of cattle and small animals, reduce weaning pressure, prevent calves from licking each other, and avoid infection.

Safe to Use: All finishes are non toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, very safe for dairy cows and very suitable for young cows.

White/Green Nose ring Cattle nose ring Cattle Weaner Calf Weaner Calf nose.

Minimum Order Quantity -5 Piece